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Theos Metals are the leading suppliers in Aluminium,providing a wide range of aluminium coil as well as aluminium tubing and many more aluminium products.

We supply the following aluminium coil and aluminium tubing products:-

Grades 6062T6 and Grade 7075 are normally available from local stock in bar, sheet and plate. Then H1200 and Grade 1050 are available in sheet & plate. The less popular grades can be sourced overseas.

Aluminium Bronze

A very limited range of sizes is available in Aluminium Bronze but can be cast to your requirements.


We are able to source aluminium coil in widths of 1 metre and 1,250 metres and thicknesses of 0,5mm; 0,7mm; 0,8mm; 0,9mm and 1,2mm.

Cut to Size

We cut aluminium sheets, aluminium coil, and aluminium tubing and plates to the size you require.


We guillotine aluminium up to 10mm thick, to our customer’s specifications.

Hex Bar

Aluminium hex bar ranges in size from 11mmA/F to 46mm A/F. Lengths vary between 3 & 6 metre lengths.

Laser Cutting

We laser cut aluminium plates up to 8mm thick, to our customer’s needs.

Perforated Sheets & Plates

These are manufactured to our customer’s specification, with a 2 to 3 weeks production lead time.


Plates – Range from 4,5mm to 100mm thick (2500 x 1250) & cut to size

Tread Plates – Range from 1,5 /3mm to 6 / 8mm thick (2500 x 1250) & cut to size.

Sections – extruded and/or fabricated

Angles – Equal – Range from 12,7 x 1,6mm to 76,2 x 6,36mm

                Unequal – Range from 15,8 x 1,6mm to 101,6 x 3,18mm

Channels – Range from 9,52 x 9,52 x 1,6mm to 158 x 50 x 6,36mm

Flat bar – Range from 11,92 x 2,1mm to 101,6 x 9,52mm thick

Round Bar – Range from 6 diameter to 300 diameter

Square Bar – Range from 12,7mm to 50,8mm square

T – Sections – Range from 19,6 x 3,18mm to 50,8 x 6,36mm thick

Section lengths range from between 4 metres to 6 metres


Architectural Grade Sheets – Range from 1,2mm to 3mm thick (2500 x 1250) & cut to size.

H1200 & 1050 Sheets – Range from 0,5mm to 3mm thick (2000 x 1000) & cut to size.

                                                                                            (2500 x 1250)

Rigidised Sheets – Range from 0,9mm to 2mm thick (2500 x 1250)

Stucco Embossed Sheets – Range from 0,7mm to 1,6mm thick (2500 x 1250) (3000 x 1500)


We offer a large range of aluminium tubing:-

Round tubing

  • Round tubing comes in either 5 metre or 6 metre lengths.

  • Sizes range from 9,52 OD x 1,22mm W/T to 127 OD x 3,5mm W/T.

Square tubing

  • Square tubing comes in either 5 metre or 6 metre lengths.

  • Sizes range from 12,7mm square x 1,2mm W/T to 78mm square x 2mm W/T.

Rectangular tubing

  • Rectangular tubing comes in either 5 metre or 6 metre lengths.

  • Sizes range from 50,8 x 25,4mm x 2mm W/T to 100,3 x 50,8mm x 3,18mm W/T.

Vastrap / Tread Plates

These are available from 1,5 / 3mm thick up to 6 / 8mm thick. Sheet or Plate sizes are 2500 x 1250mm. We can cut to the size you require.

Water Jet Cutting

Water jet cutting can be done to our customer’s requirements.


Contact Theos Metals today if you would like to find out more information about our aluminium coil and wide range of aluminium tubing and other aluminium products , please contact us!

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