Bright Mild Steel | Bright Bar

Theos Metals are the leading suppliers in bright mild steel and bright bar, we offer a wide range of steel and aluminium products.

We offer the following products:-

Bright Round Bar

– Available in bright mild steel and bright bar, EN8, EN1A (free-cutting) and EN19. Drawn bar is available in size from

5 diameter to 102 diameter. Turned or peeled bar is available from 16 diameter to 160 diameter.

Standard lengths are random 3 and 6 metre lengths. We also supply bright bar to your required


Bright Flat Bar

– Range from 10mm wide x 5mm thick to 250mm wide x 25mm thick in 3 – 4 metre random lengths

Bright Hex Bar

– Available in EN1A (free-cutting) and EN8. Range from 8mm A/F to 75mm A/F.

Standard length is random 3 metres


We supply a wide range bright mild steel and bright bar. The Grades we offer are as follows:

EN1A            EN3A              EN8                  EN9                  EN19

EN24            EN26               EN30B            EN36A            EN36B

Usually come in 6 metre lengths, but we also cut to our customer’s requirements. Size ranges between 3 diameter and 508 diameter.


Contact Theos Metals today if you would like to find out more information about our bright mild steel and wide range of bright bar, please contact us!

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