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Theos Metals are South Africa’s leading stainless steel suppliers, we specialize in a wide variety of stainless steel pipes and much more products within the steel industry.


We as stainless steel suppliers can supply the following stainless steel products:-


We are able to source good prices for any size of chain our customers need and in any


Expanded Metal

Expanded Metal is supplied in various thicknesses, with varying apertures, depending on the application they are to be used for. This product is not normally held in stock, but made to order. The average lead time is 2-3 weeks.

Grating (Floor)

This product is made to order only. Please ask our staff for size range and delivery time.


Flattex is supplied in sheets up to 3mm thick, with various apertures depending on the application they are to be used for.


We guillotine stainless steel up to 10mm thick, to our customer’s specifications.

Hand Railing

We can supply complete with the necessary fittings for industrial and domestic applications.

Hex Bar

Hex Bar is mainly available in Grade 316 stainless steel, ranging in size from 6mmA/F to 65mm A/F and are normally supplied in 3 metre lengths.

Hollow Bar

We supply 316 stainless steel hollow bar. Sizes range from as small as 32 OD x 16 ID to 490 OD x 390 ID. They come in random 6 metre lengths and we can also cut to the customer’s required length/s. We also undertake machining from solid bar, in cases where our clients are not equipped to do it in house.

Laser Cutting

We laser cut steel plates up to 25mm thick, to our customer’s drawings.


Is available in woven and Welded types. Available wire and aperture sizes can be supplied on application.

Perforated Sheets & Plates

Stocks of this product are very limited but we can have it made up to order in standard plate and sheet sizes in Grades 304 & 316 stainless steel.


We offer stainless steel pipes in 304ss and 316 ss, welded and seamless. We do full 6 metre lengths and also cut to your required length.

Sizes range from 10 OD to as big as 610 OD with various wall thicknesses.

Should you require a non-standard diameter, we cater for those as well by rolling and welding from sheet or plate.

Pipe Fittings

We offer stainless steel fittings to suit the stainless steel pipes above. The fittings we offer are:

Bends Couplings Elbows End Caps
Flanges Gaskets Nipples Reducers
Plugs  T- Pieces Unions Valves
Bolts, Nuts & Washers Screws Threaded Bar  


Plasma Cutting

We offer plasma cutting according to our customer’s drawings up to 50mm thick.


Base Plates – Any sizes in thickness from 1,6 to 10mm.

Plates – From 4,5mm to 50mm thick (2500 x 1250; 3000 x 1500 & cut to size)

Sections – Extruded and/or Fabricated

Angles – Equal – Range from 25 x 3mm to 100 x 10mm

  • Unequal – Range from 25 x 3mm to 100 x 10mm

Flat bar – Range from 20 x 3mm to 100 x 25mm

Round Bar – Range from 3 diameter to 300 diameter

Square Bar – Range from 6mm to 40mm square

Lengths are between 4 and 6 metres


Stainless Steel Sheets

  • Range from 0,5mm to 3mm thick (2500 x 1250); (3000 x 1500)
  • Or cut to your length requirements from coil in standard widths


Available in Grades 304, 316 & 3CR12 for industrial and domestic applications.


We offer a wide range of tubing in both popular grades of stainless steel:

Round tubing

  • Round tubing starts at 12,7 OD x 1,5mm W/T and right up to 101,6 OD x 2mm W/T in standard 6 metre lengths.

Square tubing

  • Square tubing as above comes in standard 6 metre lengths.

  • Sizes range from 25mm square x 1,2mm W/T to 80mm square x 2mm W/T.

Rectangular tubing

  • Rectangular tubing as above comes in standard 6 metre lengths.

  • Sizes range from 40 x 20mm x 1,5mm W/T to 100 x 50mm x 2mm W/T.

All tubing can be supplied direct off mill (DOM) or polished for decorative purposes

Vastrap / Tread Plates

These are available from 1,5 /3mm thick up to 6 / 8,5mm thick in stainless steel. Plate sizes are 2500 x 1250mm. We also do cut to size.

Water Jet Cutting

Water jet cutting can be arranged as per the client’s drawings.


Small diameters are available in thin drawn round bar.


Contact Theos Metals today if you would like to find out more information about our stainless steel suppliers and wide range of stainless steel pipes , please contact us!

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